Hurricane Sandy

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Flashback Friday — Storm of the Century

Flashback two years to the buildup to Superstorm Sandy. As it barreled toward us in the tri-state area, the newscasters had a bit of fun with her name. She was the Superstorm, The Frankenstorm, and then, finally, just Sandy — clever moniker no longer needed in the wake of the devastation she leveled on the … Continue reading

From Stamford … with love

I got what I can only describe as an early Christmas present this week: The gift of hope and brotherhood shining like a beacon amid the insanity of a million crazy, stressful bits of life — not the least of which has been the weather-driven destruction we’ve seen here in the Northeast. Moved by the … Continue reading

Life lessons from Sandy

Slowly, but surely, some sense of normalcy is returning to lower Fairfield County — for many of us, any way. For others, life will never be the same. Sandy cut a devastating path through our area this week, and my heart is sick to see how much suffering there is. Those of us fortunate enough … Continue reading

I’ve got the power!

Sixty-five hours later, CL&P let there be light again on Halsey Drive – and thank God for that. The pioneer spirit we adopted upon waking to the cold and dark Tuesday morning following Hurricane Sandy was evaporating faster than the rush of those 80+mph winds that buffeted our region earlier this week. I feel a … Continue reading

Slice of life in the midst of the hurricane

It was a dark and stormy day. I worked hard playing “beat the power outage.” Catherine did the same with all her homework. And Basil helped make sure the mail kept moving. As of now, we still have power, but it’s been flickering all day. (And went out a couple times briefly.) Next door, a … Continue reading

Ready to ride out the storm

OK, we’re ready. Batteries, bottled water and nonperishables purchased, flashlights checked, laundry’s done, lawn furniture and sundries packed away. We’ve checked in on our parents and neighbors, watched Catherine do the “no school for three days” happy dance, got a jump on some work — just in case the power poops out — and went … Continue reading