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Flashback Friday — Here we go again

A year ago we crammed the car full of things we never knew a person needed and made our way to Hofstra University, spent the day unpacking, putting furniture together, lugging books from the bookstore and getting Catherine settled in before being summarily dismissed by her. As in all things, history will repeat itself this weekend. For … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Home again, home again

Well, it’s officially the end of freshman year at Hofstra for Catherine. As I type this, she’s likely taking one last look at her final paper, written in the wee hours of this morning, and getting reading to take her last final. I’ve ceded my “home office” til August. We’re on our way to the market … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday — Tiptoeing through the Tulips

Wordless Wednesday — Up on the Roof

Life lessons from the dorm

Catherine is impressing us with her transition to college. Nearly two weeks in at Hofstra U, she’s having some fun, getting her work done, making new friends and figuring things out. She called yesterday — the first time to really have a conversation and not simply ask for something she forgot to pack. She is … Continue reading

Life as We Knew It

Well, the big day is here. This morning, we deliver Catherine and the 3,000 things she had to have to Hofstra University. Everyone else is sleeping. I’ve been up since 4:45, head pounding from clenching my teeth all night, trying my darndest to program “stoic” in to my emotional framework for the day — if … Continue reading

Getting oriented to the new normal

It has been a quiet couple of days. I’m not tripping over 17 pairs of cute size 5 shoes left in the doorway. No dishes are piled in the kitchen sink. (The task of bending over to put them in the adjacent dishwasher is — let’s face it — arduous.) We’ve not been inundated by … Continue reading

Finishing one chapter … ready to start another

We’re still soaking in all the excitement of Catherine’s graduation from Greenwich High on Thursday, but there’s no time dilly-dally. Tuesday marks the start of a three-day orientation at Hofstra. Yesterday found us buying our first dorm gear — a set of sheets and mattress pad for the overnight introduction to the next school year. … Continue reading

Look Out World!

It’s official: Catherine is a member of the Hofstra University Class of 2018. With her midterms completed, she didn’t have to go to school on Friday so she and Basil instead drove to Hempstead, NY, to submit her paperwork and deposit. (Already she’s distinguishing herself at the school. It seems no one ever brings their … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Collegiate Dreamin’

Flashback to fall 1996 and this silly picture of Catherine in an Arizona U sweatshirt that belonged to Basil (I don’t know why; he didn’t go there). The photo seems appropriate given the news this week — four college acceptances so far, including Hofstra, her top choice. When she checked in with someone at the … Continue reading