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Throwback Thursday — Boo to You!

Happy Halloween! Here’s a look back at one of my old costumes. Not sure what year this is, but I remember being very excited about wearing the earrings — and the wings! Can you see the wings in the picture? I can see, too, Mom has us both bundled up against the fall chill under … Continue reading

Can’t shake the ghost of Halloweens past

You never know what might cause consternation around here. This week there is abject despair because I won’t be manning the door on Halloween. I’ll be teaching body sculpting on Thursday, so Catherine must step up to the plate. Somehow, this is a big deal. Not quite a problem, but a reason to opine, as … Continue reading

It’ll be a Freaky Thursday

So, um, Catherine is dreaming up scary Halloween costumes and thinks she has a winner: The most frightening thing she could possibly be is … me. This was announced only half-jokingly at the dinner table tonight, following a dust-up that occurred when she and Basil returned home and both began talking to me at once … Continue reading

Ready for a frightfully good time

Halloween has come to Greenwich. Really. I am not drinking or otherwise incapacitated. Today is the day decreed by our town’s lawmakers as All Hallows EveĀ 2012– a 12-day-late consolation prize on account of Hurricane Sandy. I do not know if a lot of kids will come to the door, but I fervently hope so. The … Continue reading

Powerless against the surge of storm warnings

You ready for Frankenstorm? As a rule, I like a little weather. A rainy day is good for the soul, and I’m not above wishing for a snow day, even this early in the year. But all the hullaballoo over Hurricane Sandy has me smh (that’s shaking my head, for those without teenagers to translate). … Continue reading


I thought ages 4-12 months brought a lot of changes, what with the sitting up, solid food, rolling over, crawling, standing, learning to talk. But that was only because I didn’t know all the milestones that teen years would bring. All the obvious physical changes, of course. And the removal of braces. Now the driving … Continue reading

Boo to you!

What are you going to be for Halloween? I’ve got no costumeĀ planned (some might tell you I’m a witch all year anyway), but I cannot wait for tomorrow. Despite being a scaredy-cat, I retain a childlike love for Halloween. These days I get a big kick out of seeing the little ones in the neighborhood, … Continue reading

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