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Games college freshmen play

Parenting is full of surprises, some of them more pleasant than others, but one of the great joy lies in watching your child come into her own. Now that Catherine is in college, Basil and I are treated fairly often to glimpses of the person she is, the grownup she’s becoming. We sometimes look at each … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday — Metamorphosis

Graduation Day is finally here. Catherine and her classmates in the Greenwich High Class of 2014 will move on tonight. Being Thursday, it’s also a good time to throwback, and so I did, year by year, starting with 2000, when Catherine was in Bridges at the Mead School Child Care Center. It’s quite possible Catherine will throttle … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Happy (Almost) Birthday, Baby!

Flashback today to Basil’s birthday. Tomorrow, he will be 58. (Yes, I know I’m a day early, but Flashback Saturday lacks alliteration and, besides, around here, folks know he prefers a full monthlong celebration.) This is a great photo. As with all pictures taken before we became so crop-happy, it’s the details that get me: … Continue reading

We still go together (rama, lama, lama, ka dinga da dinga dong)

When I arrived for practice with the Rye Town Community Band last night, I briefly thought I’d entered a time warp. Port Chester Middle School, where we practice, is putting on Grease. I couldn’t help but smile at the sets and the costumes neatly laid out in the practice room. (Our ninth-grade version of Greased Lighting … Continue reading

In sickness and in health — A view from the pediatrician’s waiting room

Among other things, this week brought a milestone — for Catherine and for me. She won’t like me telling you this, but it was the first time she went in for her annual physical alone. I’d left the decision up to her, as I have for the past couple of years, and she finally called … Continue reading

A butterfly gets her wings

Catherine has highlights. We spent Saturday afternoon at the salon getting her first real grownup hairstyle. By the time the hairdresser was done, Catherine had morphed from teenager to young lady. Basil and I are amazed at what a few finely tuned swipes of color can do. She looks a little older, and the new … Continue reading

All roads lead back home

A new house has moved in across the street. When I went to work on Tuesday, the foundation sat ready, and when I got home, a two-story home was resting atop it. Even though we knew the house was coming, it took the neighborhood by surprise. I watched yesterday morning as motorist after motorist slammed on … Continue reading