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Flashback Friday — It must be springs!

Catherine, 11, on our then-annual vacation to Cape Cod. A million things to do on the Cape and yet we found ourselves at the Jump On Us! trampoline play site nearly every day. You know I’m going to catch hell for posting this, but having returned from a walk in the neighborhood where it seems … Continue reading

End of innocence

This is not a post about coming of age, but rather the passage of time and how it steals our youthfulness. Tonight on the way home, as my heart was singing theĀ TGIF song and I was checking the grocery list in my mind, I glanced to the right while stopped at a traffic light and … Continue reading

Just Keep Rollin’ With it, Baby

Just like when I was at the newspaper, I can run a followup. So here are two videos shot at last Saturday’s Hip-Hop Holiday Jam with Tim Roberts, a special event run by my good friend Kristen at the Jazzercise Center of Southwestern Connecticut. She brings terrific special events in to complement the cardio, strength … Continue reading

Just roll with it, baby

For a brief time today, I was sure I could do almost anything. Tim Roberts has that effect on a girl. He’s an amazing choreographer and dance teacher, and we were lucky to have him visit us at Jazzercise of Southwestern Connecticut for a hip-hop class that we turned into a holiday celebration. In just … Continue reading

What I Did on my Summer Vacation

Like a lot of families these days, a big summer vacation wasn’t in the cards this year. We briefly considered dragging the beach chairs into the garage and huddling around the new furnace for a week, but thought better of it in the end. While functional, the appliance just isn’t vacation material. Instead, we had … Continue reading

Look Ma! Jazz hands!

I get a strange reaction from people who have known me for a long time when I say I recently became a Jazzercise instructor. Friends who go back as far as King Street Elementary School in Port Chester, NY, remember me — vividly, I’m sure — clinging to the climbing rope a mere two feet … Continue reading