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Slice of life in the midst of the hurricane

It was a dark and stormy day. I worked hard playing “beat the power outage.” Catherine did the same with all her homework. And Basil helped make sure the mail kept moving. As of now, we still have power, but it’s been flickering all day. (And went out a couple times briefly.) Next door, a … Continue reading

Ready to ride out the storm

OK, we’re ready. Batteries, bottled water and nonperishables purchased, flashlights checked, laundry’s done, lawn furniture and sundries packed away. We’ve checked in on our parents and neighbors, watched Catherine do the “no school for three days” happy dance, got a jump on some work — just in case the power poops out — and went … Continue reading

Powerless against the surge of storm warnings

You ready for Frankenstorm? As a rule, I like a little weather. A rainy day is good for the soul, and I’m not above wishing for a snow day, even this early in the year. But all the hullaballoo over Hurricane Sandy has me smh (that’s shaking my head, for those without teenagers to translate). … Continue reading