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Flashback Friday — Easter, Take 2

Marking this weekend’s Greek Orthodox Easter with a flash back to the days when Catherine could still be convinced to wear an Easter bonnet — in this case 2000. We stopped to take this photo on the way to the children’s service that year. It was the first time year we let Catherine help hold … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday — In Search of the Golden Egg

Happy Easter!

Flashback Friday — Some bunny loves you

Flashback to Easter 2000: Catherine was 4¬†and still happy to wear what I chose. And the parade of Easter bunnies my parents made were — like the season’s ubiquitous Peeps — just born. This was their photo debut. As happens often, since Basil and Catherine are Greek Orthodox, it was a year of two Easters … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Easter again

Happy Easter! It is this weekend for my husband’s family, Orthodox Christians who follow a different calendar from the Roman Catholic church. Sometimes the days coincide, but more often than not the Orthodox Church celebrates at a different time.This year, the two Easters are very far apart, further than I can ever remember. Of course, … Continue reading

Flashback Friday: Happy Easter, Take 1

Me, on Easter Sunday 1970. I am 4 here. I have great memories of the Easter egg hunts my Mimi and Papa used to host at their little bungalow in Hawthorne, NY. All the cousins came and we were let loose in the yard to find the plastic eggs that were stuffed with goodies and … Continue reading

Just desserts — and Happy Easter once again

Couldn’t help but smile early this morning during the Orthodox Easter service at The Church of The Archangels in Stamford. In the pew behind us was an antsy tot — which is no small matter when every member of the congregation in a standing-room-only church is holding a lit candle. She was up, she was … Continue reading

Bunny stuff

(Jelly) bean there, done that. Today is the first of two Easters we’ll celebrate this year: Basil and Catherine are Greek Orthodox and the Orthodox church follows a different calendar. I cling to my Lutheran roots whenever I can. Since she was little, Catherine has loved having two visits from the Easter Bunny, even if … Continue reading