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Sugar, spice and everything nice

It’s a tough crowd here in Havemeyer Park. Out for a quick pre-yoga class walk Monday night, I heel-toed it past a home in the neighborhood where some gardening was under way. A young mom was weeding under the watchful eye of her “supervisor,” a blond-haired magpie who looked to be about 3 years old. … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Sea changes

Snow. Ice. Bitter cold. We need a bit of summer warmth, so I’m flashing back today to June 2000, when my friend, Jacquie, and I gathered the kids and met up at Mystic Aquarium in upstate Connecticut. It was a great day — being together, seeing the creatures (the beluga whales were a huge hit as I … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Warm Spell

All this winter weather has me thinking spring, especially with the forecast warning of single-digit wind chills starting tonight and more snow on the way Sunday. So naturally, I went searching for a Flashback photo that was just beachy. It’s Catherine, age 4, basking in the July sunshine at Tod’s Point, Greenwich. (No, I haven’t … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Portrait of the Artist

Wish the photo quality was better, but still can’t resist posting this picture of Catherine on our patio in 2000. She was 4. Life is good when you have your own, appropriately sized, fish-festooned, table and chairs; matching umbrella to shade you from the sun; a full sippy cup and snack; a fresh coloring book ready … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Our Little Pumpkin

I looked up from the computer screen yesterday and realized fall had arrived. The leaves are turning crimson and gold, and some of them have begun their slow chasses to the ground. It’s my favorite time of year. We always had great fun ushering in the season when Catherine was small. So flashback 16 years, … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Game of Telephone

Flashback to August 1997. Catherine was 16 months old, all squishy snuggles, full of wonder and curiosity, and already putting an active imagination to work. We were visiting my parents — a special treat for Catherine, especially since it meant a chance to play with Grandpa. Grandpa must have needed to “rest his eyes” for a … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Teddy Bear Picnic

Flashback to spring 1998. This week we’re back at the Mead School Child Care program — the wonderful home away from home where we took Catherine when she was little and where she is now doing her senior internship. Every day this week she’s come home with another crazy story about life with eight toddlers. … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Pile on the Fun

As we prepare for the annual Vanech Family Leaf Removal Operation, I automatically reach for this photo: It was taken the first autumn after we moved in — back when all those chores were exciting because they were new and OURS. (It was also back when Catherine would happily grab a rake or shovel and … Continue reading

A Cheerio that didn’t leave him ‘Broken Hearted’

You know that old saw about the way to a man’s heart? It’s apparently true, and hard-wired from birth. I saw it in action this morning with two toddlers during the coffee hour at church. She wandered the hall in her beautiful dress, tip-toeing in her Mary Janes with their satin bows, one hand firmly … Continue reading