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Flashback Friday — 30 Winks

This is one of those pictures that really takes me back. Looking at it, I can just about feel this sleeping infant Catherine in my arms, smell the sweet baby scent of her hair, remember my quandary over whether I could manage to get up off the couch and transfer her to the crib without … Continue reading

Grocery list includes hearty helping of human nature

Still shaking my head over the behavior of people in the market tonight. It was a usual Friday night free-for-all, bumper carts in the produce aisle, kids begging for things their mothers didn’t want them to have, sale items long gone, bored teen cashiers wishing they were anywhere but there. Well hell, didn’t we all … Continue reading

Today and every day, Mom’s not the word

Good morning!. Did you get your morning toast in bed? My sister and I used to make quite a production of Mother’s Day tea and toast on the tray table. Mom ate it every year with gusto. I wonder now exactly what she was thinking! I did not get breakfast in bed today, since — … Continue reading

Yes, Catherine, there is a Santa Claus

One of the great things about being a parent is a chance to reconnect with your own childhood –something Basil and I do with gusto at this time of year. Playing Santa is perhaps a parent’s biggest pleasure — even when the kid would rather play with the box than the present in it, as … Continue reading