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Why adoptees search

Adoption search and reunion seems to be everywhere lately, from the reality TV shows of a couple years back; to the Facebook posts of adoptees and first parents desperately trying to find each other; to the big screen, where Judi Dench’s title role portrayal in Philomena, the story of an Irish woman’s search for the … Continue reading

Full Circle

What a day it was yesterday! I’m still pinching myself after meeting a bunch of cousins, cousins-in-law and an aunt and uncle at the BBQ my brother, Chris, and his wife, Jill, hosted to introduce me to everyone. It was an amazing day — picture-perfect weather and lots of fun. My mind is racing as … Continue reading

Getting to know me

Yesterday, some folks from Goose Creek, NC, piled into their car for the first leg of their trip to New York. A couple from Kennesaw, GA, made copies of old family photos and started their trip north today. Several others from various points of the map are also putting other of life’s obligations on hold … Continue reading

Adoption search and reunion bring host of unexpected gifts

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve made cry these past few weeks. Relatives. Friends. Acquaintances.┬áStrangers. I’ve watched them all well up, one by one, time and again. It’s not what you think. I haven’t morphed into a monster (or brought my household drill sergeant persona out of the house). Turns out the story … Continue reading

In search of confirmation, validation … and myself

Life doesn’t turn out how you plan — if you can plan at all. I’m reminded of this today, because I’ve reached a tremendous milestone and it doesn’t feel a thing like I expected. Yesterday in the mail came the penultimate (don’t you love that word?) piece of information I needed to be 99% sure … Continue reading

Another blogger’s thoughts on international adoption and reunion

Elizabeth Foy Larsen’s Sunday Modern Love column in the New York Times, “Untying a Birth Mother’s Hands,” continues to stir comment and debate among natural mothers, adoptees and adoptive parents. There is, after all, a heaping measure of confusion, frustration, pain and other conflicting emotions for everyone involved in adoption. In “Quest for true understanding … Continue reading

It’s Complicated: An Adoptee’s Road to Search, Part 1

I received a lovely note in my inbox last week: Judy, a friend from my school days, used my story in talking with her 12-year-old adopted daughter Mollie. It seems friends at camp were shocked to discover Mollie isn’t interested in searching for her birth parents. Judy told Mollie that she has Judy’s blessing if … Continue reading

Making waves on the radio

Can’t thank my friend, Kristen Rzasa, enough for inviting me to be on her show, A Matter of Balance, on ftns.co today to share the story of my adoption search as part of her Mother’s Day show. Having been on television twice, I had taken the invitation in stride (I’ve got a face for radio, … Continue reading

A plea to NY’s lawmakers: Support the adoptee rights bill

The year-old twins who live behind us caught my eye out the kitchen window last week. Already, they are walking, their chubby legs wobbling under the task, each cock-eyed step a victory. Dressed alike in pink dresses and polka-dot sweaters, they offered a delightful distraction to my washing up. I smiled the whole time I … Continue reading

A letter to the mother I’ve never known

Dear Patricia: It’s me, Jennifer. I’m here, all grown up with a child of my own, wishing I was speaking to you instead of writing a letter I hope you might see in cyberspace. And today is our day — the day that seals our fate, and continues to toy with our emotions. I hope … Continue reading