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Art Imitating Life

At the beach today, I watched with interest as two boys, maybe 7 or 8 years old, labored to dig the right size and shape “pool” to catch the incoming waves. One of the two blond kids was clearly the leader, barking orders at the other to “Dig the other side! Fast, dig the other … Continue reading

Flashback Friday: Just Beachy

In honor of snowquester (here in Connecticut we escaped with just about 4 inches and yet another snow day that we must repay on April break) I give you this: Seagull Beach in Cape Cod, August 2003. Catherine was 7; Basil was far less … gray, and I think those swim trunks have shrunk in … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Life’s a beach party

It’s been cold, windy, damp and, well, generally like winter here in Connecticut. If I could, I’d go to work in a Snuggie. As it is, I wrap myself up in flannel PJs and my bathrobe as soon as the sun goes down, living as I do by the maxim that if it is dark, … Continue reading

Beach bites to tide me over

What do you eat at the beach? I sat by the shore for a little while today while Basil and Catherine were at the Mets game. For the record, I had only a big bunch of grapes and a bottle of ice water, since I knew I’d be headed home to a salad for lunch. … Continue reading