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Unwanted attention

Hidden in that “other” category of personal messages on my Facebook account, I found this note left by a hunky-looking guy named Alex last week: Hello. I came across your profile, you look stunning and you have lovely smile too, may i get to know you… if you don’t mind. Creepy, right? As I deleted … Continue reading

More wrinkles in time

It’s tough, but I’ve managed to make peace with the growing crop of white hair on my head, with the fact that I’m ready for bed earlier and earlier, and that I need progressive lenses. Hell, I’m even (almost) over the fact that my bras now require “age-defying lift.” But every time I think I’ve … Continue reading

I can see clearly now

Ahem. Drum roll please.¬† I’m now a proud resigned wearer of progressive lenses. And son of a gun if I can’t actually see! I haven’t done that stupid game of pushing glasses down my nose or up on my head since Wednesday night when I picked these up. And while I haven’t tried to teach … Continue reading

Eye, eye ma’am

This story is bound to get progressively funnier — to someone anyway. It seems the time has come — can I get a drum roll? — for progressive lenses. In a few more days, I will no longer have to play that weird game with my glasses so I can read a book, newspaper or … Continue reading

This stuff is getting old

It’s probably just coincidence that this would crop up at the time of year when we are watching the bearded guy’s every move (or hoping he’s watching our good side), but I had quite a shock yesterday morning. I was inspecting my face in the mirror after the shower (nope, it hasn’t changed), standing REAL … Continue reading

A word from the Peanuts gallery

I fret a lot about aging. There’s a lot of white hair. And wrinkles. And drooping. And that’s just above the neck. I have to do that thing where I perch my glasses on the tip of my nose to see better (no, it doesn’t also help me hear better). I spend a lot of … Continue reading

Here’s an offer to sink your teeth into

CVS is so thoughtful: They sent me a coupon for denture cream. I’d love to know which of my purchases triggered that marketing miracle. Was it the Band-Aids? The many vats of shampoo I’ve purchased over the years? The holiday cards, disposable razors or deodorant? That impulsive bag of M&Ms? The feminine care products?! Does … Continue reading

The view from over the hill

You know, I joked about our ages a little earlier this week when I wrote about our 19th wedding anniversary (you can read that post here), but after last night, I think the joke may be on Basil and me. We went out to celebrate a bit, choosing a new burger place in town we’d … Continue reading

The eyes do NOT have it

Ah, the indignities of aging. A long-overdue trip to the eye doctor this week brought them into focus. I have officially become a two-pair-of-glasses¬†lady. The ones currently affixed to my head are essentially a pair of training readers. I must get new ones so I can actually read street signs and other things far away. … Continue reading

Wisdom of the ages

Age was never a big deal to me. Although I clung far too long to the childlike habit of counting time from birthday to big holiday and back again, I didn’t fret over turning 25, never blinked at 30 and was far too busy being a mother and journalist to notice much about 40. Lately, … Continue reading