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Still Daddy’s little girl

Can’t help but smile to think of my dad. Mom was the disciplinarian and Dad played less of a heavy at our house … unless you really crossed the line and then, well, look out. His yelling could be heard for miles. He still can yell, but his bombastic voice is simply a match for … Continue reading

Making waves on the radio

Can’t thank my friend, Kristen Rzasa, enough for inviting me to be on her show, A Matter of Balance, on ftns.co today to share the story of my adoption search as part of her Mother’s Day show. Having been on television twice, I had taken the invitation in stride (I’ve got a face for radio, … Continue reading

They’re looking into it … Christmas is coming, the check’s the mail. Oh hell, insert your cliche here

Got a letter from Albany this week. Yes, you could have knocked me over with a feather. Oh, not because I think Gov. Cuomo himself actually read my letter and its enclosed copy of my April 6 blog post urging passage of the adoptees’ rights legislation. I suspect some poorly paid intern plugged my name, … Continue reading

A plea to NY’s lawmakers: Support the adoptee rights bill

The year-old twins who live behind us caught my eye out the kitchen window last week. Already, they are walking, their chubby legs wobbling under the task, each cock-eyed step a victory. Dressed alike in pink dresses and polka-dot sweaters, they offered a delightful distraction to my washing up. I smiled the whole time I … Continue reading

A letter to the mother I’ve never known

Dear Patricia: It’s me, Jennifer. I’m here, all grown up with a child of my own, wishing I was speaking to you instead of writing a letter I hope you might see in cyberspace. And today is our day — the day that seals our fate, and continues to toy with our emotions. I hope … Continue reading

Search of a lifetime

While most of the rest of the world has focused on Steve Jobs‘ formidable business success since his death earlier this week, I’ve been fascinated by another part of the story: Like me, Steve Jobs was adopted. Although intensely private, the Apple co-founder and visionary spoke about his adoption in the now-ubiquitous commencement address he … Continue reading