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Oh, brother!

Each step of this reunion journey is like unwrapping another present. Having talked with Chris, one of my half-brothers, by phone and on Facebook, I’ve arranged to have lunch with him; Pat, my first mother; and Chris’ wife, Jill; in a few weeks, when Basil, Catherine and I will be nearby for a college tour. … Continue reading

Adoption search and reunion bring host of unexpected gifts

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve made cry these past few weeks. Relatives. Friends. Acquaintances.┬áStrangers. I’ve watched them all well up, one by one, time and again. It’s not what you think. I haven’t morphed into a monster (or brought my household drill sergeant persona out of the house). Turns out the story … Continue reading

Flash forward Friday — A secret no more

I don’t know if you can be Cinderella in a pair of riding boots, but on Monday I sure felt that way. I punctuated a weekend’s worth of birthday celebrations by meeting the woman who gave birth to me. (Go ahead and read the previous sentence again. I met the woman who relinquished me for … Continue reading

Two guiding lights to steer me home

What a day tomorrow will be. I haven’t slept a wink in days, my mind is going a mile a minute and I’m feeling more than a little “green” at the prospect of tomorrow’s lunch. I’m meeting my first mother, Pat, and will surely not be able to swallow a bite. There’s one person who … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Back to the Future

1972, my sixth birthday. I can taste that cake just by looking at it — it is my standing order year after year. And those crown-shaped candle holders sat on countless birthday cakes in our house .I think they were finally retired sometime ago. The dress, too — I remember loving it, althought today I … Continue reading

In search of confirmation, validation … and myself

Life doesn’t turn out how you plan — if you can plan at all. I’m reminded of this today, because I’ve reached a tremendous milestone and it doesn’t feel a thing like I expected. Yesterday in the mail came the penultimate (don’t you love that word?) piece of information I needed to be 99% sure … Continue reading

Another blogger’s thoughts on international adoption and reunion

Elizabeth Foy Larsen’s Sunday Modern Love column in the New York Times, “Untying a Birth Mother’s Hands,” continues to stir comment and debate among natural mothers, adoptees and adoptive parents. There is, after all, a heaping measure of confusion, frustration, pain and other conflicting emotions for everyone involved in adoption. In “Quest for true understanding … Continue reading

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