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It was my moment — and she missed it

It took a hurricane, but I finally got Catherine to willingly accompany me to the Jazzercise Center of Southwestern Connecticut, where I teach a couple times a week. Given the choice between a dark, cold house and watching Mom in all her embarrassing glory, the choice was clear — as long as she could rely … Continue reading

Life lessons from Sandy

Slowly, but surely, some sense of normalcy is returning to lower Fairfield County — for many of us, any way. For others, life will never be the same. Sandy cut a devastating path through our area this week, and my heart is sick to see how much suffering there is. Those of us fortunate enough … Continue reading

With apologies to The Four Tops, it’s not the same old song

Every job has occupational hazards. For example, I accept that I will copy edit every piece of writing I see from now until the day I die, even though I stopped working as a journalist in 2009. But a ride in the car with Catherine earlier this week underscored a newer job-influenced habit I had … Continue reading

A lesson for teacher, thanks to Quality Control

Three days post-vacation and it’s like I never took a break. Actually it was like that right from Monday morning. I guess that’s true for most everyone, especially these days when work and play are endlessly intertwined. Any muscles I started to relax are back to their bunched, clenched norm, and my jaw is again … Continue reading

You should be dancing — YEAH

I’m happy-dancing my way through a terrific milestone this weekend: It’s been a year since I was certified to teach Jazzercise. Fifty-two weeks of choosing my sets, learning the choreography and bringing lots of terrific women the gift of fitness, one hour at a time. No one is more surprised than I am. Not long … Continue reading

Can you hear me now?

A lot is made of mother’s guilt, especially working mother’s guilt. Been there, done that. I’ve sobbed in the car after dropping a reluctant toddler at day care — and watching her little face pressed up against the classroom window begging me to stay. (And I’ve returned to said day care and had to convince … Continue reading

The naked truth about my body of work

My friend, Kristen, wrote a terrific blog post today that had me smiling, nodding my head and even laughing out loud. It was about her recent trip to the spa and how it had her baring more than her soul — a very uncomfortable prospect even for someone as fit and beautiful as she is. … Continue reading

Just Keep Rollin’ With it, Baby

Just like when I was at the newspaper, I can run a followup. So here are two videos shot at last Saturday’s Hip-Hop Holiday Jam with Tim Roberts, a special event run by my good friend Kristen at the Jazzercise Center of Southwestern Connecticut. She brings terrific special events in to complement the cardio, strength … Continue reading

Just roll with it, baby

For a brief time today, I was sure I could do almost anything. Tim Roberts has that effect on a girl. He’s an amazing choreographer and dance teacher, and we were lucky to have him visit us at Jazzercise of Southwestern Connecticut for a hip-hop class that we turned into a holiday celebration. In just … Continue reading

Life outside the comfort zone

Last night marked another watershed moment in my vow to live out loud. I was monitored by Quality Control as I taught a Jazzercise class. It was my first review since getting certified in May. All week I was sweating it — double-checking my set, getting up even earlier to practice the routines, hoping I … Continue reading