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Hello Muddah Hello Faddah

So, Catherine this week started her first gig as a counselor in training, taking part in a five-week Young Leaders Program run by ESF Summer Camp at its Greenwich Academy outpost.

She has been a camper at ESF for many summers, and found it to be a real oasis in her year — fun in the sun with cool people far away from the drama of school. She’s made great memories and some terrific friends each year. And she has wanted to be a YLP (not a Wild P, as I kept hearing all these years!) for a long time.

She had to complete an application and interview with the staff earlier this year, and she was quite proud to go off Monday in her powder-blue camp shirt, all official.

For the first two weeks, Catherine is with the 5-year-olds and already she has an admirer — little Danielle who has clung tightly to her these first two days, following her around, holding her hand, sitting in her lap, making little crafts for Catherine to bring home.

Danielle told one of the lifeguards at the pool yesterday: “This is Catherine. She is my camp mommy.”

It will come as no surprise to you that I, too, would like a camp mommy.

About Terri S. Vanech

Wife, mother, communications specialist, Jazzercise instructor and recently reunited adoptee. I'm living out loud -- and trying to make it all work -- in midlife. Having a sense of humor sure helps.


4 thoughts on “Hello Muddah Hello Faddah

  1. Catherine wants to be a teacher, too!

    Posted by Terri S. Vanech | July 3, 2012, 9:02 pm
  2. Good for her! My own personal Katharine, grew up to become an elementary school teacher! Ya never know!

    Posted by momshieb | July 3, 2012, 8:42 pm
  3. There have been times in my life when I wanted my Mommy. However, as a wise counselor once said to me — you want a Mommy, but not yours. You want a real Mommy — and she was so right. However, sometimes I’d just settle for a good wife to do the things I don’t want to do!

    Catherine sounds like a good Camp Mommy!

    Posted by Karen Waggoner | July 3, 2012, 7:55 pm

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