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Flashback Friday — Portrait of the Artist

Wish the photo quality was better, but still can’t resist posting this picture of Catherine on our patio in 2000. She was 4.


Life is good when you have your own, appropriately sized, fish-festooned, table and chairs; matching umbrella to shade you from the sun; a full sippy cup and snack; a fresh coloring book ready for decorating, AND snazzy rain boots.

Back then, we did a lot of “art” projects — watercolors, finger paints, collages, cards and pictures thick with glitter (which I gleefully mailed to my mother, knowing she’d love to see Catherine’s latest masterpiece and surely wouldn’t mind an envelope full of sparkly pink and purple fun. Almost 15 years later, I think she is still vacuuming up the wayward pieces).

These last few weeks, as Catherine has been on break from Hofstra, she’s returned to some of that, painting new pictures to update the decor on her side of the dorm room, decoupaging the covers of new notebooks … and, yes, wielding the glue and glitter.

I’ll be finding the damn stuff in the carpet long after she graduates.


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