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Flashback Friday — High School Reunion

Flashing back today 30 years.


Not too shabby for a bunch of folks pushing 50.

The picture doesn’t look that old? Well, the people are.

Last weekend, a few of us from the Port Chester High School Class of 1984 got off Facebook and gathered for a few hours to relive old times.

It’s safe to say that, gray hair aside, not much has changed since we left. The folks who sat through the homecoming football game and later gathered at Port Chester Hall for a few too many beers are the same bunch of nuts they always were. Somehow, we remain intrinsically tied to each other.

Our small -- and chilly -- group cheers the Rams to victory.

A small — and chilly — group of classmates cheers the Rams to victory.

Sure, life is taking many of us places we likely didn’t anticipate, but everyone is doing his or her best to hang on.

We made it a night of laughs and look forward to next time, when perhaps more of our classmates can join us for the fun.


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