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(Not really) Wordless Wednesday — Mail Call

You’ll remember our mailbox looked like this a few weeks ago, following a driving mishap by one of our neighbors. Here’s how it looks now, after the installation of a new post and a spanking new mailbox, which Basil affixed yesterday. The thing on the top is a solar light — a nice addition that … Continue reading

Good help is hard to find

The transition to sorta retired continues here in our little world. My travel last week has caused a bit of a setback, it seems, and this week Basil was back to asking me each day, “What are you doing? Are you home with me? Can we have lunch? What would you like to do? Can … Continue reading

Beating around the bushes

Basil was busy while I was 3,000 miles away this past week. He worked his way through the list I left of important appointments, chores and errands, plus a few tasks of his own. Naturally he was eager to show off his work when I got in the door at midnight last night. Before I … Continue reading

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday — Wishing for spring

I love winter, truly I do, but it’s time for a little sunshine and warmth now. It’d be nice to have a Sunday afternoon like the one depicted above rather than yet more slush and cold.

On the straight and narrow once again

Well, we can all breathe a sigh of relief — the mower has been replaced. It took a trip to Sears, some research and haggling, but Basil emerged victorious. A brand, spanking new machine, chosen from among the returns whose price was even further reduced thanks to a long sheet of bar codes the clerk … Continue reading

Toeing the lines, one blade of grass at a time

Basil is in mourning. The lawn mower died today. Yes, you read that correctly. It was an occasion that required several text-messages to me at work and an immediate trip to the hardware store. Alas, no proper replacement could be found in the short bit of time he had today, but trust me, he’s a … Continue reading

Mulch ado about yard work

Ah, spring — time for a woman’s fancy to turn to … yard work. (You thought I was going to say strappy summer sandals, didn’t you?!) After weeks of activities and celebrations, yesterday finally offered a short window of time to make an earnest start of cleaning the yard. Like just about everything we do … Continue reading