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Push-me, pull-you — aka the working woman’s tango

Got an email reply from a colleague at 6-something this morning that started: “Wow, you’re up early.” Well, yeah. But that’s only because the laundry fairy, housecleaning genie and household manager didn’t show up. Again. And my wand isn’t working. But Basil and Catherine will tell you that my broomstick does. 😉

Can you hear me now?

A lot is made of mother’s guilt, especially working mother’s guilt. Been there, done that. I’ve sobbed in the car after dropping a reluctant toddler at day care — and watching her little face pressed up against the classroom window begging me to stay. (And I’ve returned to said day care and had to convince … Continue reading

Waving the white flag in the face of winter ills

Bad enough when the rasp in your voice makes your boss think he’s talking to a man. Worse still when you’re the idiot racing out of church during the quiet of Communion prayers because you can’t stop coughing (why do we sit up front?!) and everyone else pretends they’re not looking at your beet-red face … Continue reading