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Taking a byte out of life

Fair warning: This weekend, I’m going unplugged. No computer, no TV, no BlackBerry. For the whole weekend, I’m going to be technology free and concentrate instead on enjoying the crisp fall weather, cooking up a terrific meal or two,¬†spending time with my family, taking a long walk at the beach and working in my yard. … Continue reading

Sweet escape

Some people are addicted to food; I’m hooked on food TV. Food Network? Cooking Channel? Bring them on. “Chopped,” “Diners, Drivers and Dives,” “Eat Street,” “Food(ography),” “Iron Chef,” “Unique Eats,” “United Tastes of America,” “Unwrapped,”¬†“The Great Food Truck Race.” If they’re serving up something edible, I’m watching. In fact, I’ve discovered that the crazier my … Continue reading

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