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Chew on this …

Like some of you, I have tried more stress-relief remedies than I care to admit. Yoga. Reflexology. Jazzercise. Aromatherapy. Chocolate. Each has had some helpful effect, but none of them has left me stress-free. Lately, I’ve tried to accept that as a woman of a certain age with a husband, daughter, full-time job, and a … Continue reading

Don’t give me any lip

Things have not measurably improved since Monday’s shoe incident, I’m sorry to report. (Read about that here.) On Tuesday, I could not get my mic to work while teaching my Jazzercise class. Fiddled with the volume, tried a couple changes of battery (no easy task while dancing and queuing the routines), then finally gave up … Continue reading

Lessons in stress relief from an unlikely source

I got the biggest kick out of a toddler in church yesterday. She was about 3, dressed in a beautiful ivory dress trimmed with satin ribbons and seed pearls, crinoline underneath so it stuck out just so. An ivory sweater and tights and shiny black Mary┬áJanes completed the ensemble. Her mother had pulled the girl’s … Continue reading

Reality check in Aisle 10

Basil, Catherine and other folks lucky enough to really KNOW me will confirm that I am not the easiest person to get along with. Patience is not my strongest suit. Oh don’t get me wrong — it’s not all bad. In fact it can be fun and games … until the stress boils over. Then … Continue reading

Text messages from the edge

As I noted in my last post, it’s been a helluva week. Not all bad, definitely some good mixed in, but an absolutely stressful, crazy, whirlwind few days. Enough to send me, hyperventilating, into any available quiet space to center myself, even for a few minutes, so I could make it through another couple of … Continue reading