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Recipe for a Rainy Sunday

My Facebook post of this bubbling pot of Portuguese Soup generated a lot of attention yesterday, including some requests for the recipe. It is an ideal dish for chasing away the early spring never-ending winter chill, and since it’s snowing here — again — this morning, here goes. I snipped the recipe out of the … Continue reading

Soup-er Snow Day

Yesterday’s wet, icy weather sent me immediately into hyper-soup mode. Luckily, I had planned ahead and had all the ingredients for a family favorite (yes, even Catherine will — grudgingly — eat this one). The recipe is from a terrific blog, A Year of Slow Cooking. I tossed everything into the slow-cooker and let it … Continue reading

Turkey Redux

How many helpings of leftovers have you had? I’m tucking in to my second: lunch was a turkey sandwich on rye with homemade cranberry relish and baby spinach; dinner will be the turkey vegetable soup simmering on the stove. I may be enjoying it alone. Catherine’s at work and will get dinner there. Basil loathes … Continue reading

And You Wonder Why I’m Pushing on a Rope

There are many thankless things about parenting. We are underappreciated, taken for granted, hidden from the view of peers lest we prove embarrassing. We can lecture on a topic countless times only to be ignored, but if a stranger says the same darn thing, well, it’s genius. And — I don’t know about you, but … Continue reading

In hot water over the soup

It’s a good thing I have no feelings. Catherine, the baby who happily ate spinach and green beans, sweet potatoes and squash — and just about anything else we spooned at her — is now the teenager with very definite culinary preferences. And as a rule, soup doesn’t cut it. It’s a shame, because at … Continue reading