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Wordless Wednesday — Branch office


Wordless Wednesday — First Snow

Wordless Wednesday — Last Gasp (We Hope)

Wordless Wednesday — Snow Words Needed

Snow Fun

Growing up, I lived next door to an alcoholic man who shoveled the leaves and raked the snow. (He did some other crazy things, too, but those are stories for another day.) Naturally, his antics provided for a bit of entertaining conversation in our house. This morning, if our neighbors were looking out their windows, … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Snow Fun

Today’s Flashback is a small attempt at solidarity with our friends in the Buffalo area who, it seems, will spend all winter trying to tunnel out of this week’s lake-effect snow storm. The photos are from January 2001, a sledding excursion at the International School at Dundee in Riverside CT, where Catherine would start kindergarten … Continue reading

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday — Day after day

Mother Nature’s cruel streak continues in this, the winter that will never end. Oh, here in the Northeast we had a couple of beautiful, warm days that had the neighborhood kids gamboling in their yards, riding their bikes, testing the fit of last year’s shorts. It looked like this when I finally shut the laptop … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday — Night and Day

This crazy’s winter’s latest storm dropped nearly a foot of fluffy white snow, taking all day and most of the night to paint a new landscape. By afternoon, the front yard looked like this and this By nightfall, when I was out enjoying the silence, working off dinner with the help of a shovel, the … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday — Snow Way

Last Friday’s snowstorm created a bit of winter magic, beautiful to look at if you were willing to overlook the chore of shoveling for a few minutes (and since I was working all day, I managed to escape that part!). Daybreak in the back yard looked like this These visitors from the spring stopped by … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday — Benched

Snowy Sunday morning at Binney Park, Greenwich