Snow Day

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Wordless Wednesday — First Snow

Wordless Wednesday — Snow Globe

Wordless Wednesday — Dreaming of Summer

Snow Daze

Another day, another snow storm — or at least that’s how it’s starting to feel these days. And yes, another snow day. At the rate we’re going, Catherine will graduate high school after she moves into the dorm at Hofstra. But even high school seniors greet the news of no school with childlike glee. After … Continue reading

Under a blanket of white

Two weeks before Thanksgiving and already there’s snow here in southwestern Connecticut — a freak winter storm just 10 days after a devastating hurricane. Mother Nature must really have her knickers in a twist. As a rule,  I like the snow — certainly better than the heat of summer. This makes me odd, I know, … Continue reading

Snow fun

Yesterday was our first snow day of the year — a small storm, but just big enough to bring all activity to a halt  in lower Fairfield County. My Jazzercise class was canceled; lunch with a friend got postponed, and I found my heart singing a bit at the idea that I could spend the … Continue reading