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Last night marked Catherine’s final high school choral concert and it was the treat we’ve come to expect. A special hallmark of the spring performance — aside from its program of pops numbers — is the senior sendoff. This year’s 45 senior choristers wore red roses on their lapels and were recognized toward the end … Continue reading

Ushering Spring in with Song

Catherine’s penultimate high school choral concert brought a breath of spring to our corner of the world last night, even if the temperatures were in the 30s and the wind was howling. The spring concert is a more serious program than the choruses’ other outings, with the kids stretching their voices and horizons singing serious … Continue reading

Can you hear the people sing?

Pops concert last night — the last choral concert of this school year and a treat as always. I never cease to be amazed at the talent the kids have or how well they perform under the hot lights in all those layers of polyester. There was a lovely send-off for the seniors, which I … Continue reading

Roar emotion

Anyone else out there wondering why midlife seems to be the adolescence you never had? I have always been a pretty straight-laced, quiet, by-the-book sort of person. I used to stay in my little box most of the time,¬†rarely venturing out of the comfort zone.¬†As I climb through my 40s, however I’m throwing more and … Continue reading