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Flashback Friday — School Daze

It’s Catherine’s last official day of classes — Monday, she’ll start the four-week internship at Mead School Child Care Center that will mark the end of senior year. This week has been a mad dash of finishing projects, getting teacher signatures, turning in textbooks and otherwise running around. She will surely crash this weekend and … Continue reading

Footloose, fancy free … and so outta here

Last night’s SRO performance at Greenwich High was great fun. The kids showed off their many talents with a send-up of high school that was sometimes goofy, sometimes more biting in its humor. The series of skits touched on universal adolescent woes — cafeteria food, the stress of college search, the plague of senioritis — … Continue reading

One more time, with feeling

Senior year is officially under way. Catherine is no longer a “rising senior”; she’s the real deal. The bus just ferried her away. I hid among the trees and bushes and snapped this photo of her walking to the bus stop: And then I stood in the yard and watched until I couldn’t see the … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Pretty as a picture

Catherine’s senior portrait is Wednesday. She’s wrapped up in hair and makeup, and will surely take some of her hard-earned babysitting money and drag me to the mall for a new shirt when we get home from our Massachusetts college visits this weekend. Of course, this week I had to go back in time to … Continue reading

At our expense

It’s happening. Junior year isn’t quite over and already we’re hurtling into senior year. Friday’s email stream brought a note from the Greenwich High activities lady: Catherine has three weeks to schedule her senior portrait, which will be taken during one of two weeks over the summer. EEK! We were just walking her to the … Continue reading