Santa Claus

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Wordless Wednesday – Santaland

Yes, Catherine, there is a Santa Claus

Reposted from December 20, 2011, because, well, we all need to believe. One of the great things about being a parent is a chance to reconnect with your own childhood –something Basil and I do with gusto at this time of year. Playing Santa is perhaps a parent’s biggest pleasure — even when the kid would rather … Continue reading

My own elf — not on the shelf

Had my own Christmas miracle today: Catherine jumped in to help with our last-minute preparations. She rolled out of bed before noon, helped make the gravy for Tuesday’s stuffed shells, emptied the garbage, made up a couple of plates of cookies, and found time between text messages to put away some of the stuff that … Continue reading

Blow Santa one last kiss

Catherine and I took deep breaths, swallowed hard and made a commando raid on the mall today, getting in and out before all the crazy people took over. Somehow we managed it with some of our sanity intact. Even though he’s been holding office hours since before Thanksgiving, Santa remains a big attraction. The line … Continue reading