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Sharing TMI at the library

When did the library become the equivalent of a Starbucks sans beverages? I admit I’m old school about the library, a point of view that harks back to my days as a page (yes, you read that right) at the Port Chester (NY) Public Library, where i spent time after school and Saturdays shelving books. … Continue reading

The train gang and other New York moments

Yesterday afternoon’s entertainment started long before we ever reached New York to see “The Book of Mormon.” As is so often the case, the train ride there and back provided good people-watching and “shake my head” moments. We lucked out going in, and got to ride in one of the new trains. But even the … Continue reading

Saluting summer with sun, sand and a good laugh

In Seaside Heights, NJ, for a couple of days this week trying to exhale. It’s been good to get away (at least one friend pointed out that if we stayed at home we’d only tend to chores and errands without truly unplugging). So we unplugged, got away, ignored the technology and — gasp — actually … Continue reading

Surviving a mother of a shopping trip

It’s time for the kids to go back to school. That’s my takeaway from an early afternoon trip to the market. I no sooner set foot in the door then I wanted out. It was a madhouse — not my preferred time to shop, but you do what you must do. The inside of our … Continue reading

Beach bites to tide me over

What do you eat at the beach? I sat by the shore for a little while today while Basil and Catherine were at the Mets game. For the record, I had only a big bunch of grapes and a bottle of ice water, since I knew I’d be headed home to a salad for lunch. … Continue reading

Just beachy

Got the season’s first trip to the beach in on Sunday — a brief visit, sandwiched between the yard work and vacuuming. Basil wasn’t going to join me, but I think the new bikini convinced him to leave the gutters for a bit. I love the beach — love the people-watching, love the sound of … Continue reading

Grocery list includes hearty helping of human nature

Still shaking my head over the behavior of people in the market tonight. It was a usual Friday night free-for-all, bumper carts in the produce aisle, kids begging for things their mothers didn’t want them to have, sale items long gone, bored teen cashiers wishing they were anywhere but there. Well hell, didn’t we all … Continue reading

Character Study 101

Did you have a nice Mother’s Day? Mine ran the gamut — a little of this, a little of that, because, well, if a little bit is fun, lots of little bits must be even more so. Or not. Yes, as usual, I was squeezing too much in to too little space, then cursing when … Continue reading

In sickness and in health — A view from the pediatrician’s waiting room

Among other things, this week brought a milestone — for Catherine and for me. She won’t like me telling you this, but it was the first time she went in for her annual physical alone. I’d left the decision up to her, as I have for the past couple of years, and she finally called … Continue reading

New York seen

Yesterday took me into New York for the first time in a while, the unseasonably warm weather offering up some fun people-watching moments. In no particular order, here are some of the bites I had of the Big Apple: A crazy quilt of attire. The extra-warm day left people unsure about what to wear. So … Continue reading