Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day Salute

Lots of Moms to remember today, in the family and among our extended group of good friends. I learn from them, and draw from their strength and example — not just today but every day. Wishing each of them a Happy Mother’s Day.      

Small wonders

This picture of Catherine and me was taken in February 1997 — she is 10 months here and I am, yes, still wearing shoulder pads and a hairdo that later grew to Rosanne Rosannadanna width. Those are stories for another day. In addition to being one of my favorites, this picture represents “before,” before she: … Continue reading

Character Study 101

Did you have a nice Mother’s Day? Mine ran the gamut — a little of this, a little of that, because, well, if a little bit is fun, lots of little bits must be even more so. Or not. Yes, as usual, I was squeezing too much in to too little space, then cursing when … Continue reading

Today and every day, Mom’s not the word

Good morning!. Did you get your morning toast in bed? My sister and I used to make quite a production of Mother’s Day tea and toast on the tray table. Mom ate it every year with gusto. I wonder now exactly what she was thinking! I did not get breakfast in bed today, since — … Continue reading