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A lesson for teacher, thanks to Quality Control

Three days post-vacation and it’s like I never took a break. Actually it was like that right from Monday morning. I guess that’s true for most everyone, especially these days when work and play are endlessly intertwined. Any muscles I started to relax are back to their bunched, clenched norm, and my jaw is again … Continue reading

You should be dancing — YEAH

I’m happy-dancing my way through a terrific milestone this weekend: It’s been a year since I was certified to teach Jazzercise. Fifty-two weeks of choosing my sets, learning the choreography and bringing lots of terrific women the gift of fitness, one hour at a time. No one is more surprised than I am. Not long … Continue reading

More naked truths

All at once, body image issues are dogging me, mocking me, making me face the stark reality about my own hangups. And like that first-morning look in the mirror, it ain’t pretty. Turning 46 was like walking through an invisible curtain: Suddenly, there’s more gray and more wrinkles, more difficulty reading small type, more unexpected … Continue reading