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I can see clearly now

Ahem. Drum roll please.  I’m now a proud resigned wearer of progressive lenses. And son of a gun if I can’t actually see! I haven’t done that stupid game of pushing glasses down my nose or up on my head since Wednesday night when I picked these up. And while I haven’t tried to teach … Continue reading

Time to act my age

You know how kids say the darndest, cutest things? Teenagers don’t. We’re going to a dinner dance Friday night to support breast cancer research and I need to wear something pink (natch). Casting around in my mind for options, I remembered a cute pale-pink sheath dress Catherine bought a while back for a party. At … Continue reading

The view from over the hill

You know, I joked about our ages a little earlier this week when I wrote about our 19th wedding anniversary (you can read that post here), but after last night, I think the joke may be on Basil and me. We went out to celebrate a bit, choosing a new burger place in town we’d … Continue reading

You should be dancing — YEAH

I’m happy-dancing my way through a terrific milestone this weekend: It’s been a year since I was certified to teach Jazzercise. Fifty-two weeks of choosing my sets, learning the choreography and bringing lots of terrific women the gift of fitness, one hour at a time. No one is more surprised than I am. Not long … Continue reading

Wrinkles … and time

Apparently, it’s official: I’m old. Time magazine thinks so. Within days of my birthday a few weeks ago, they sent me a note in the mail, asking me to renew my subscription. For the senior citizen rate. Catherine danced around the house fairly crowing: “It’s because you’re old.” Remember my trip to the eye doctor … Continue reading