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Messages straight from the heart

Love is in the air here at the Vaneches. The past two days have brought two unexpected emotion-packed declarations. The first noteworthy moment happened Thursday and involved Catherine — not in the way you might think. She’d returned to ESF Camp for the end-of-summer Family Fling, two weeks after her counselor in training program ended, … Continue reading

Shedding light on childhood memories

Basil’s birthday is today and to celebrate, Catherine and I gave him something he’s been missing for years: A Humpty Dumpy lamp to replace the one his mom got rid of when Basil was a child. Unfortunately, Basil did not agree with her choice. He’s mourned the loss of that stalwart egg for many decades. Thanks to … Continue reading

Smoke on the water … angst on the road

Spent a lot of time in the car last weekend — staring at car bumpers or holding my breath while yet another idiot wove from lane to lane in the parking lot that was I-95. It was possibly the worst traffic, going to and coming home from Rhode Island, that we’d ever seen. Thank goodness, … Continue reading