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(This is not a) Drive By

Happy to report I made it out of the driveway today. No, this is not a trick post. Turns out this morning, it was a little harder than usual to back out, and not on account of my questionable driving skills. Our neighbors, parents of an infant, need a looooooong nap. I may offer Catherine … Continue reading

Grocery list includes hearty helping of human nature

Still shaking my head over the behavior of people in the market tonight. It was a usual Friday night free-for-all, bumper carts in the produce aisle, kids begging for things their mothers didn’t want them to have, sale items long gone, bored teen cashiers wishing they were anywhere but there. Well hell, didn’t we all … Continue reading

Doing my time in the jury room

As if there wasn’t already enough happening this week, I had jury duty. Don’t get me wrong: I’m happy to serve, to do my part. I’ve served before and found the experience fascinating. This time, though, all I could think of was everything that wouldn’t get done. Catherine was convinced I’d come home with stories … Continue reading

Laughter remains the best medicine

I’ll embrace a bit of entertainment anywhere I can find it. After all, it helps break up the day’s rope-pushing moments. Little did I know that CVS after prime time offers people-watching and other activities to rival Metro-North. Nine o’clock last night found me there to pick up a prescription. It’s not a normal shopping … Continue reading

This pastime beats watching reality TV

Like a lot of people, I harbor several guilty pleasures — huge bowls of mint chip ice cream; music by ABBA and KISS (yes, you read that right), endless episodes of “Chopped” on the Food Network. But perhaps my guiltiest indulgence is people-watching. Do you do this, too? I can’t help it. No matter where … Continue reading