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A medal, or a chest to pin it on?

Had to call in the reserves yesterday to get some housecleaning done before company arrived and you’d have thought I was asking them to eat glass. Catherine grudgingly cleaned her room (read shoved everything into the hamper or closet), but somehow slipped out of dusting. Basil drew his lines in the sand. He would clean … Continue reading

This Christmas gift sucks

In flagrant violation of my friend, Jacquie’s “no plug” rule, I have an early Christmas gift — a Shark vacuum whose suction mechanism seems designed to pull up dirt from Middle Earth. I wasn’t planning to buy a vacuum, certainly not at this time of year when so many other charges are being rung up … Continue reading

Livin’ the dream

Color me suspicious. I just came home from a long day of pushing computer keys, on my way to band practice, pretty much expecting that Catherine would have long forgotten my morning plea to start the load of towels and run them through the drier. You can imagine my shock, then, to find the towels … Continue reading

Beating around the bushes

Basil was busy while I was 3,000 miles away this past week. He worked his way through the list I left of important appointments, chores and errands, plus a few tasks of his own. Naturally he was eager to show off his work when I got in the door at midnight last night. Before I … Continue reading

To infinity and beyond: One man’s journey through the honey-do list

Although Catherine and I made efforts to return to our routines on Wednesday, Basil had the remainder of this week off. (Yes, we envied him, especially as he continued to snore while we left the house each morning.) I had to laugh each night when I got home and he detailed the things he’d been … Continue reading