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Back where I belong

Home, sweet home! Interstate 95 never looked as good as it did early Wednesday morning, my driver speeding north from JFK airport to Old Greenwich. Thank goodness the delay I encountered at SFO lasted only three hours. With the onboard toilet finally unclogged, we passengers pushed and shoved our way onto the plane home, then … Continue reading

My travel plans are not up in the air

My adventures in flying have taken a hard left. Here I sit in SFO with I don’t know how many others, waiting for news about a flight that was to have left 90 minutes ago. The holdup isn’t some huge problem with the landing gear; it’s not a terrorist plot; there’s no hole in the … Continue reading

There’s no place like home

Well, I made it. The plane trip West wasn’t nearly as awful as I imagined — I didn’t have a harrowing journey, suffer mechanical difficulties, wasn’t left on the runway, didn’t lose my luggage or my mind (well, not yet). In fact, I relished the time alone and secretly cheered that I didn’t have any … Continue reading