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Wordless Wednesday — Holiday Fun

Throwback Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your turkey is THIS good and the company is even better…  

Blow Santa one last kiss

Catherine and I took deep breaths, swallowed hard and made a commando raid on the mall today, getting in and out before all the crazy people took over. Somehow we managed it with some of our sanity intact. Even though he’s been holding office hours since before Thanksgiving, Santa remains a big attraction. The line … Continue reading

Help! It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Anyone else look at the calendar this past week and realize just how close Christmas is? I haven’t stopped hyperventilating since I noticed. Not that it should be a surprise. Christmas comes every year after all. And it’s not like there weren’t clues: Even before everyone had their power and cable restored following Superstorm Sandy, … Continue reading

Bunny stuff

(Jelly) bean there, done that. Today is the first of two Easters we’ll celebrate this year: Basil and Catherine are Greek Orthodox and the Orthodox church follows a different calendar. I cling to my Lutheran roots whenever I can. Since she was little, Catherine has loved having two visits from the Easter Bunny, even if … Continue reading

Life’s a beach

New year, new opportunities to find a better balance. I’m determined to do it this year — continue to work hard, play hard and not lose my mind in the process. Stop laughing. It’s possible, I’m convinced of it. Jan. 1 found us taking down the Christmas tree. It was no easy task. Many of … Continue reading

Pieces on Earth

Add a new catch phrase to Christmas at the Vaneches: TIMMMMMMBER! It was already a crazy day — the end to yet another teeth-clenching, chaotic week that had me way behind the eight ball as the Big Day neared. For the first time I can remember, I am not ready for Christmas. Earlier today, I … Continue reading

Going out on a limb for Christmas

Trimming the tree is therapeutic this year. It’s taking a long time — our crazy schedule means decorating piecemeal, and there’s a hidden blessing in that: There’s more time for reflection than in years past when the tree was dressed in the time it took “It’s a Wonderful Life” and a couple of Bing Crosby CDs to finish … Continue reading