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Chew on this …

Like some of you, I have tried more stress-relief remedies than I care to admit. Yoga. Reflexology. Jazzercise. Aromatherapy. Chocolate. Each has had some helpful effect, but none of them has left me stress-free. Lately, I’ve tried to accept that as a woman of a certain age with a husband, daughter, full-time job, and a … Continue reading

(Jazzercise) Center of the Universe

What a special treat to start this weekend dancing in a room packed full of people to celebrate the wonderful community my friend, Kristen, has created in Stamford. Yesterday, the Jazzercise center she dreamed and made reality closed. Next week, we’ll start a new chapter, under the auspices of Lori, one of our instructors who … Continue reading

More naked truths

All at once, body image issues are dogging me, mocking me, making me face the stark reality about my own hangups. And like that first-morning look in the mirror, it ain’t pretty. Turning 46 was like walking through an invisible curtain: Suddenly, there’s more gray and more wrinkles, more difficulty reading small type, more unexpected … Continue reading

Waving the white flag in the face of winter ills

Bad enough when the rasp in your voice makes your boss think he’s talking to a man. Worse still when you’re the idiot racing out of church during the quiet of Communion prayers because you can’t stop coughing (why do we sit up front?!) and everyone else pretends they’re not looking at your beet-red face … Continue reading

The eyes do NOT have it

Ah, the indignities of aging. A long-overdue trip to the eye doctor this week brought them into focus. I have officially become a two-pair-of-glasses┬álady. The ones currently affixed to my head are essentially a pair of training readers. I must get new ones so I can actually read street signs and other things far away. … Continue reading