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Life as We Knew It

Well, the big day is here. This morning, we deliver Catherine and the 3,000 things she had to have to Hofstra University. Everyone else is sleeping. I’ve been up since 4:45, head pounding from clenching my teeth all night, trying my darndest to program “stoic” in to my emotional framework for the day — if … Continue reading

No Shoe Loose Here

It’s fascinating to see how Catherine’s mind works and where her priorities lie. For all our similarities she remains very much her own person. Case in point: Most of the summer, she’s turned a deaf ear to my, er, suggestions that perhaps some laundry and early packing efforts are in order as dorm move-in day nears. So … Continue reading

Flashing Back and Making Memories

Less than two weeks til dorm move-in day at Hofstra and the emotions continue to ratchet up here in the house. Lots of excitement, a fair bit of anxiousness, all tinged with a pressing sense of “holy cow, we’d better get our acts together and finish all those things we were going to do.” Although we’re … Continue reading

(Dorm) shopping til we drop

It’s starting to look a little like Christmas — or something — around here. Slowly but surely each available nook and cranny is being crammed with stuff for Catherine’s move to the dorm. Throw pillows, cleaning supplies, bathroom flip-flops and hamper behind the chair in the den. Extra kitchen gear, the health and beauty stuff … Continue reading

Perception is everything

We’ve been enjoying this first real warm Sunday. Since we got home from church Basil’s been cleaning out the garage. Catherine and I took a long walk through the neighborhood, then set ourselves up outside for a bit of fresh air and sunshine while Catherine chose her dining plan and filled out the housing information … Continue reading

Another day closer … and deeper in debt

Accepted Students Day at Hofstra yesterday has us in a tizzy. Too much information, too many faces, far too many deadlines and guidelines to absorb. The whirlwind that is senior year continues to pick up steam, building on itself. I swear our house fairly vibrates with the excitement of it all. Seriously, though, it was … Continue reading

Ties that bind — at home, online … even at the service station

  Most days, technology is supposed to connect us, but it really keeps us isolated, enjoying a faux sense of camaraderie fueled by too much information. Today, technology really connected me, though. Here’s how: Early this morning, my Facebook feed included a status update from Nancy, a neighbor I’ve known for 14 years. Like me, … Continue reading