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Flashback Friday — Otherwise Engaged

Flashback 21 years, many permanent waves and one unfortunate choice of eyeglass frames to February 1993. These pictures were a surprise — taken by John, a former co-worker of Basil’s who is also the brother of Ann, one of the women I played in the Port Chester High School band with. I met Ann at the … Continue reading

Proving once again that laughter is the best medicine

I don’t know what you were up to today, but odds are good you didn’t wander through an inflatable colon. I did. It was part of an adventurous afternoon with my friend Kristen — part girlfriend catch-up, part experiencing different things, all of it entertaining. After Jazzercise and a quick breakfast and caffeine infusion, we headed … Continue reading

Still young at heart

How could you possibly dislike a woman who introduces herself by making sure you know she never dated your husband? So went my introduction to Kirstie, a lovely classmate of Basil’s I met last night at the first of a weekend’s worth of reunion activities for the GHS Class of ’73. Here’s a picture of … Continue reading

(Jazzercise) Center of the Universe

What a special treat to start this weekend dancing in a room packed full of people to celebrate the wonderful community my friend, Kristen, has created in Stamford. Yesterday, the Jazzercise center she dreamed and made reality closed. Next week, we’ll start a new chapter, under the auspices of Lori, one of our instructors who … Continue reading

Messages straight from the heart

Love is in the air here at the Vaneches. The past two days have brought two unexpected emotion-packed declarations. The first noteworthy moment happened Thursday and involved Catherine — not in the way you might think. She’d returned to ESF Camp for the end-of-summer Family Fling, two weeks after her counselor in training program ended, … Continue reading

Salsa, strength and hope

So women are supposedly the weaker sex, but my experience belies that old wives’ tale. You, too? Oh sure, men can bench-press and haul things, push machinery around, build stuff. But if you need someone to handle a really big job — something with emotional heft — find a woman. Faced with feelings, most men … Continue reading

Friends to the end

A friend’s Sunday morning blog post has had me thinking. In Gold, Celia wrote — quite eloquently — about the power of friendship, about the twists and turns friendships take over time. In the past 24 hours, I’ve had the good fortune to live what her blog post highlights and reflect a bit, too — … Continue reading

Roar emotion

Anyone else out there wondering why midlife seems to be the adolescence you never had? I have always been a pretty straight-laced, quiet, by-the-book sort of person. I used to stay in my little box most of the time, rarely venturing out of the comfort zone. As I climb through my 40s, however I’m throwing more and … Continue reading