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You gotta get up and try, try, try

We enjoyed a belated holiday celebration last night with our former neighbors. Now that we don’t see them over the fence or at the front door each day, it’s a great treat to spend time with them, see how big the kids are getting, hear the crazy things they say, see the youngest one (conceived … Continue reading

All it’s cracked up to be

As I’ve said many times before, I rely on humor to get me through. Whether it’s in the wake of near disaster (read about that here, here or here) or to navigate the mundane — like this, the ridiculous (like this event here) or some other nonsense (like those two different shoes, which are still dogging me), … Continue reading

A sure-fire cure for spring fever

Ah, spring! How wonderful to feel the warm sunshine and balmy breeze, see the spring bulbs blooming and the trees in bud. Like just about everyone else in the neighborhood, we celebrated the change of season last weekend by getting outdoors — albeit briefly. And as liberating as it was to shed some layers of … Continue reading

Friends to the end

A friend’s Sunday morning blog post has had me thinking. In Gold, Celia wrote — quite eloquently — about the power of friendship, about the twists and turns friendships take over time. In the past 24 hours, I’ve had the good fortune to live what her blog post highlights and reflect a bit, too — … Continue reading

Show me the funny

More and more lately, I find it’s the little things that make the biggest impact. As I careen toward the Vanech Family Christmas Spectacular, trying to unclench my teeth and BREATHE, I’ve been fortunate this week to have a little unexpected levity come my way. The first time was during my Thursday night Jazzercise class. … Continue reading

Glad the gang is still around on Facebook

All the recent uproar about Facebook’s latest changes reminded me of a piece I wrote for The (Stamford) Advocate and Greenwich Time back in 2008, when I was the features editor there. Back then, I had — finally, grudgingly — given in to using Facebook (sometimes at my desk at work, 🙂 ), and found myself entranced. These days, … Continue reading

Good riddance, Irene, but thanks for the gift

How amazing that just a little bit of inconvenience can provide a bit of necessary perspective. Here we are now, 24 hours post-Hurricane Irene and the power is back on, new containers of ice cream are nestled in the freezer and the yard has been cleared of twigs and leaves. Many others up and down … Continue reading

Over the fence and into our hearts

The neighbors have left. No, we didn’t drive them away. They outgrew their post-War Cape, even with its addition. The baby has been a nomad since the day she was born, sneaking in a few winks in a bassinet in the dining room, play room, a sibling’s room. They had to go, and it isn’t … Continue reading

Look Ma! Jazz hands!

I get a strange reaction from people who have known me for a long time when I say I recently became a Jazzercise instructor. Friends who go back as far as King Street Elementary School in Port Chester, NY, remember me — vividly, I’m sure — clinging to the climbing rope a mere two feet … Continue reading

Smoke on the water … angst on the road

Spent a lot of time in the car last weekend — staring at car bumpers or holding my breath while yet another idiot wove from lane to lane in the parking lot that was I-95. It was possibly the worst traffic, going to and coming home from Rhode Island, that we’d ever seen. Thank goodness, … Continue reading