Father’s Day

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Happy Father’s Day …

… to three of the best Dads. My late father-in-law, Nick, pictured here with Basil circa 1959 or ’60; My dad, Mike Salvatore, here with me in 1968; And the one who is sleeping in this morning — Basil — with our daughter, Catherine, in the summer of 1996. I just love the expressions on … Continue reading

A girl, and her dad

I spend a lot of time razzing Basil, but the truth is, Catherine couldn’t have gotten much luckier in the father department. Oh, it’s true she’s had him wrapped around her little finger from the get-go, but he is a more-than-willing accomplice. He doted on her from the time she was small. Well, after I … Continue reading

Still Daddy’s little girl

Can’t help but smile to think of my dad. Mom was the disciplinarian and Dad played less of a heavy at our house … unless you really crossed the line and then, well, look out. His yelling could be heard for miles. He still can yell, but his bombastic voice is simply a match for … Continue reading

Driven to distraction

Once school lets out, Catherine will have a new assignment: Learning to drive while the days are long and the weather is nice. She’s more than a little nervous about the prospect and I can’t say I blame her, especially given the nonsense I witness on the road every day. People talking on their phones. … Continue reading