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Flashback Friday — Sand and Surf

Flashback 12 years, to August 2003, when Catherine was 6 and we introduced her to Cape Cod. It’s a rare photo of all three of us, taken by a kind stranger on the beach at Chatham Light. Catherine also posed here earlier that day with a book so that in September she could show her … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — All Washed Up

Flashback to 1988 and the first time some members of the family went to Hawaii. Here are Mom and Dad on Maui. My father won the trip through work and they had a blast. I remember at the time thinking I’d not seen photos of my parents looking quite as happy as they did on … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday — Life’s a Witch

Saluting summer with sun, sand and a good laugh

In Seaside Heights, NJ, for a couple of days this week trying to exhale. It’s been good to get away (at least one friend pointed out that if we stayed at home we’d only tend to chores and errands without truly unplugging). So we unplugged, got away, ignored the technology and — gasp — actually … Continue reading

Takin’ it to the beach

I’ve been flipping through my friend Kristen’s Facebook album of photos from her trip to Ghana with the Yale Service Club, trying to imagine the stories she’ll be telling tomorrow morning at Jazzercise. It appears to have been quite an adventure — rustic living, colorful customs, audiences with both the king and a crocodile, lessons … Continue reading

Trips down memory lane — and other unlikely vacation spots

When it comes to vacations, I’m an armchair traveler. There is no place like home, with my bed and all my things. I know lots of people thrive on traveling, and I love the idea of experiencing new places (a la my friend, Kristen, who went to China last summer and this week leaves for … Continue reading