family resemblances

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Metamorphosis — Worth a thousand words

Now that everyone has their Christmas present senior portrait of Catherine, I can go for the big reveal here on the blog. Drum roll, please: Pretty amazing — and even more so when you consider this is how she used to look. (Look, it took almost 18 years to grow hair!) Those of you who … Continue reading

Let’s face it

If I wasn’t already unnaturally fascinated by family resemblances, Ulric Collette’s photographs would have sealed the deal. Collette’s collection of split-screen photos shows just how deep family roots run. The results are striking. Some photos of siblings almost appear to be the same person. The photos of parents and children often seem to be the … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday — Double Vision

And now, for a closer look

Family resemblances are a pet project of mine. I am endlessly fascinated by how people look and act alike. It is, I presume, the result of being adopted and growing up without seeing another person who looks me. Catherine’s birth nearly 17 years ago began to change that; she looks a bit like me, especially … Continue reading

Seeking the reflection of my true self

I found myself nodding in agreement this morning reading The Declassified Adoptee. Amanda writes about what it means to have an acquaintance notice the resemblance she and her children share, and what it is like to finally have someone who looks like her. I can definitely relate. Catherine’s birth was a watershed moment for me … Continue reading