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Unwanted attention

Hidden in that “other” category of personal messages on my Facebook account, I found this note left by a hunky-looking guy named Alex last week: Hello. I came across your profile, you look stunning and you have lovely smile too, may i get to know you… if you don’t mind. Creepy, right? As I deleted … Continue reading

Sharing TMI at the library

When did the library become the equivalent of a Starbucks sans beverages? I admit I’m old school about the library, a point of view that harks back to my days as a page (yes, you read that right) at the Port Chester (NY) Public Library, where i spent time after school and Saturdays shelving books. … Continue reading


You could almost have called Friday night The Great Vanech Face-off. Our dinner companions, meeting Basil for the first time, all remarked that he looked the same in person as he does on Facebook. I don’t know if they meant this Facebook picture: or this one: or this: maybe this? Even this one, perhaps? Anyway, … Continue reading

I’ve got no strings to hold me down

Day 3: A girl could start to like being on her own. Oh, sure I miss Basil and Catherine, but what a treat to have my own agenda for the day — no place to be, no friends to drive, no predetermined mealtimes, kid-specific errands or shopping requests. I don’t have to stay awake past … Continue reading

Scenes from a steakhouse on New Year’s Eve

With just a few hours of 2011 left, there seemed to be just one way to celebrate — a good meal and a bit of laughter. Neither was planned, but both offered a welcome respite from life’s insanity while helping us usher the year out. We lucked out and got a last-minute table in the … Continue reading

Time is not on my side

Do you multitask? I do to the point of madness. I’m doing it right now. Type a few words, take a bite of breakfast. Chew. Repeat. A typical weekday morning will find me up at 5:30 and into whirling dervish mode — laundry going while I shower, eating breakfast while I make lunch, reminding Catherine … Continue reading

Taking a byte out of life

Fair warning: This weekend, I’m going unplugged. No computer, no TV, no BlackBerry. For the whole weekend, I’m going to be technology free and concentrate instead on enjoying the crisp fall weather, cooking up a terrific meal or two, spending time with my family, taking a long walk at the beach and working in my yard. … Continue reading

Glad the gang is still around on Facebook

All the recent uproar about Facebook’s latest changes reminded me of a piece I wrote for The (Stamford) Advocate and Greenwich Time back in 2008, when I was the features editor there. Back then, I had — finally, grudgingly — given in to using Facebook (sometimes at my desk at work, 🙂 ), and found myself entranced. These days, … Continue reading

This pastime beats watching reality TV

Like a lot of people, I harbor several guilty pleasures — huge bowls of mint chip ice cream; music by ABBA and KISS (yes, you read that right), endless episodes of “Chopped” on the Food Network. But perhaps my guiltiest indulgence is people-watching. Do you do this, too? I can’t help it. No matter where … Continue reading