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The Fresh Princess of Old Greenwich

Remember how I started this year a little worried about getting stopped to or from the New Year’s Day Pajama Party Jazzercise class I helped teach? I had worn my PJs (and a sports bra!) to class, used my fuzzy robe in place of a coat and was halfway across Stamford, CT, when it occurred … Continue reading

Going for a road-worthy salute

Gotta love whoever writes the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicle handbook for new drivers. Catherine has started to read a few pages each day in preparation for her permit test, and likes to share her learning with us. Tonight’s wisdom? If you want to wave to other motorists, make sure you use all your fingers. … Continue reading

Driven to distraction

Once school lets out, Catherine will have a new assignment: Learning to drive while the days are long and the weather is nice. She’s more than a little nervous about the prospect and I can’t say I blame her, especially given the nonsense I witness on the road every day. People talking on their phones. … Continue reading