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Wordless Wednesday — Look again

Wordless Wednesday — Deer Friends Visit

Last week, before the warm temperatures that have melted most of the snow, two deer breezed through our neighborhood. I don’t know if they were among the deer that visited our back yard day after day last spring, or if they are, perhaps, other deer on their way to some other place. They didn’t hang … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday — Merry Christmas, Deer

Yesterday’s snow storm left less of the white stuff than predicted. Still, it was enough to turn the yard into a winter wonderland. …  

Wild Things!

It’s starting to feel a little “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom” here in our neck of Old Greenwich. Just about every day one or two family of deer come to visit, and we have a staring contest for awhile. Some mornings I roll up the blinds at 5:30 to find a doe and her fawn … Continue reading

They’ve got their eyes on me

I have a stalker. Two actually. One is quite a bit taller than me, and likely weighs twice as much as I do. Her accomplice is smaller, but no less intent on following my every move. What’s more, they are both stalking Catherine, too. And there’s nothing we can do about it. They are deerĀ — … Continue reading