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Flashback Friday — Gotta Dance

Taking my first ballroom dance lesson this week had me thinking back to my introduction to dance when I was 6. Mom signed Traci and me up for tap and ballet lessons at the Joan McGrath Dance Studio in Port Chester, NY. Classes were held in the masonic temple down the street from where we … Continue reading

Flashback Friday — Let’s Dance

I’ve only got a few hours (read 3 pm) until I’m in biiiiiig trouble for this post, but once I stumbled on these photos there was no stopping me. Apologies for the lousy photography. I was already hiding in dark corners, trying not to be too embarrassing when I took these, six years ago. It … Continue reading

(Jazzercise) Center of the Universe

What a special treat to start this weekend dancing in a room packed full of people to celebrate the wonderful community my friend, Kristen, has created in Stamford. Yesterday, the Jazzercise center she dreamed and made reality closed. Next week, we’ll start a new chapter, under the auspices of Lori, one of our instructors who … Continue reading

These hips fib a little

So I’ve been taking a belly dancing class once a week, learning to shimmy and undulate, make hip circles and snake arms. Believe me, it’s not as easy as it sounds. But I’m loving every minute. There’s just one class left and I’ll be sad to see it end. You see, the class is a perfect … Continue reading

Look Ma! Jazz hands!

I get a strange reaction from people who have known me for a long time when I say I recently became a Jazzercise instructor. Friends who go back as far as King Street Elementary School in Port Chester, NY, remember me — vividly, I’m sure — clinging to the climbing rope a mere two feet … Continue reading