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No Shoe Loose Here

It’s fascinating to see how Catherine’s mind works and where¬†her priorities¬†lie. For all our similarities she remains very much her own person. Case in point: Most of the summer, she’s turned a deaf ear to my, er, suggestions that perhaps some laundry and early packing efforts are in order as dorm move-in day nears. So … Continue reading

(Dorm) shopping til we drop

It’s starting to look a little like Christmas — or something — around here. Slowly but surely each available nook and cranny is being crammed with stuff for Catherine’s move to the dorm. Throw pillows, cleaning supplies, bathroom flip-flops and hamper behind the chair in the den. Extra kitchen gear, the health and beauty stuff … Continue reading

Getting oriented to the new normal

It has been a quiet couple of days. I’m not tripping over 17 pairs of cute size 5 shoes left in the doorway. No dishes are piled in the kitchen sink. (The task of bending over to put them in the adjacent dishwasher is — let’s face it — arduous.) We’ve not been inundated by … Continue reading