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Sock it to me

Many of you have sock problems, I know. Maybe you send a pair through the wash, and only one comes back. Perhaps you have a drawer of mismatched orphans waiting for their princes to come. We have the opposite problem. Somehow, a rogue pair of socks has appeared in our house. I did a load … Continue reading

A closet full of heart and soles

A friend mentioned last night that she hates shoes. What?! She might as well have said she hates diamonds or pearls, the creamy comfort of mac and cheese or the bracing sip of fresh-squeezed lemonade, lazy summer afternoons or visits from Santa Claus. What woman HATES shoes? (Especially one sporting the black suede flats she … Continue reading

Let’s hear it for the girls!

Male readers of this blog: Avert your eyes. I need to talk to the girls about … well … the girls. Saturday afternoon found me shopping for bras in Macy’s. Time, Tide and my new Body by Jazzercise made the excursion necessary. The old undergarments were no longer holding up their end of the bargain and I needed … Continue reading