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Life’s a beach

New year, new opportunities to find a better balance. I’m determined to do it this year — continue to work hard, play hard and not lose my mind in the process. Stop laughing. It’s possible, I’m convinced of it. Jan. 1 found us taking down the Christmas tree. It was no easy task. Many of … Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all peace, joy and a little spontaneous laughter, today and every day. Merry Christmas!

Pieces on Earth

Add a new catch phrase to Christmas at the Vaneches: TIMMMMMMBER! It was already a crazy day — the end to yet another teeth-clenching, chaotic week that had me way behind the eight ball as the Big Day neared. For the first time I can remember, I am not ready for Christmas. Earlier today, I … Continue reading

Yes, Catherine, there is a Santa Claus

One of the great things about being a parent is a chance to reconnect with your own childhood –something Basil and I do with gusto at this time of year. Playing Santa is perhaps a parent’s biggest pleasure — even when the kid would rather play with the box than the present in it, as … Continue reading

Going out on a limb for Christmas

Trimming the tree is therapeutic this year. It’s taking a long time — our crazy schedule means decorating piecemeal, and there’s a hidden blessing in that: There’s more time for reflection than in years past when the tree was dressed in the time it took “It’s a Wonderful Life” and a couple of Bing Crosby CDs to finish … Continue reading

It takes a lot of dough to say ‘I Love You’

The great Christmas Cookie Bakeoff got underway Sunday. Though a mere shadow of its former self, it’s a massive undertaking — my holiday gift to family and friends, a little something sweet with which to end the year. The cookies are a gift passed down from my mother and grandmother, who together baked thousands of … Continue reading

A step-by-step guide to celebrating the holidays

We’ve got little rituals we follow all year, but holiday time is fairly steeped in traditions. I don’t know about you, but starting the third week in November, there’s practically a checklist I run down. Some of these activities are rooted in childhood, others are the result of our efforts to forge uniquely Basil-Terri-Catherine rituals. And … Continue reading

All roads lead back home

A new house has moved in across the street. When I went to work on Tuesday, the foundation sat ready, and when I got home, a two-story home was resting atop it. Even though we knew the house was coming, it took the neighborhood by surprise. I watched yesterday morning as motorist after motorist slammed on … Continue reading

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